Body & Massage
Body & Massage   

Swedish Massage 

A relaxing massage that alleviates tired 

muscles and relaxes the mind & body

Back Massage  27.00 
Full Body Massage  39.00 

Aromatherapy Massage 

Using essential oils to support relaxation & 

balance emotion & general well being

Back Massage 30.00
Full Body Massage 45.00

Hot Stones

Provides a deep massage aiding muscle 

relaxation & reducing stress

Back Massage 32.00
Full Body Massage 46.00
Pregnancy Massage  
Back Massage 30.00
Full Body Massage 45.00
Scalp & Upper Body Massage  27.00
Indian Head Massage 45.00

Receive 50% off the cost of a Blow Dry after 

a body treatment to ensure you leave the 

salon looking & feeling fantastic!